Simplified Business Blueprint

Module 1


We’ll be kicking off the training with a short overview. Your main tasks for this week are:


  • Watch the introduction video
  • Download the workbook and begin to complete the Module 1 worksheets. Note, you may not be able to fill out all the sections – just begin where you are and think of them as a working document.
  • Also! If, after downloading, you don’t see it right away, check your downloads folder.
  • If the volume on the videos is low, using a headset might help!
  • If you haven’t yet taken the survey so that I may get to know you and your business better, there is a link below to do so [thank you!]
  • Lastly, this training was originally called Simplified for Business. So that name is still on the materials. I’m slowly going through everything and making the change [it’s still all the same content, just with a new and improved name!].

When you need more support, I'm here for you!

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