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Online business manager & Mentor
Hey there

  I’m Chrissy

My clients include wellness professionals, yoga schools, functional medicine doctors, personal development coaches, therapists, authors and artists.

Intentional OBM [formerly Social [media] Wellness™] offers website design, membership site development, online marketing strategy, online program development, launch management, graphic design, branding and much more…


As your Online Business Manager, I can help you achieve a balance between life and business.

From the outset of my career, I was all about business. While still at University in 1996, I was hired for my first project manager position and realized at that time just how much I loved seeing a project through, from start to finish, making all the puzzle pieces fit together. I enjoyed overseeing team members and 3rd party contractors in order to get the work done, and I have continued working in management and administration positions ever since. In 2010, I decided to take the leap and become an entrepreneur, launching an online marketing and strategy business.

What I came to realize is that many of my online marketing clients needed help with more than just their social channels. They needed someone who could help them launch new programs, locations and promotions. They needed someone who could oversee all the many facets that go into running a business and to help them stay on track. And thanks to my well-rounded background and commitment to continuing education, I was that person. So in 2013, I started offering Online Business Management, supporting my clients in understanding how to run their online businesses, what services to use and how best to use them.

My clients get to focus on what they love to do best all the while knowing that their business is being taken care of.

Along the way, I’ve also pursued my own interests: I have a Graduate Degree in Integrative Health and Sustainable Living as well as certifications in health coaching, yoga teaching, feng shui and applied positive psychology.

Which is why the majority of my clients are eco, wellness and personal development companies and individuals, or as I like to say, “good people doing good things”.


Work History

1996-2010: Project management, office administration and management

2010-Present: Online Marketing and Strategy, Website Development and Design

2013-Present: Online Business Management and Mentoring

Strengths: Efficient, organized and innovative [I’m a Maverick on Sally Hogshead Fascination Advantage]. Launch management, editing/writing, content creation, project management, online strategy.

Weakness: SEO, not my favorite topic [at the moment]. My best advice… regularly create quality content, use long tail keywords and distribute it consistently.

Fun Fact: I’m an award winning author with over dozen books written!

Pet Peeve: Inauthenticity. In life and business.

Between my personal interests and over 20 years of business management and marketing, I blend a background in conscious living with online marketing and business knowledge, helping my clients bring their positive messages of well-being and harmony into the world.


Our planet is precious and I love working with others whose goals align with my own: creating a more sustainable, healthy and conscious way of living.


Every choice I make has an impact on our world and I’ve chosen to specialize my services in the fields I value most: working with good people doing good things.


To help you thrive in the world of online marketing: to share your vision and support you in creating a more beautiful and harmonious planet.

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