Can intention setting manifest a successful business?

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can intention setting manifest successful business

Today I wanted to do a follow up to my IGTV video about growth mindset [watch it here!] and how I said we should always be learning.

I’m not taking that back. At all.

But I want to describe the three types of business owners that I’ve seen and how falling into one of these patterns can be detrimental to your business. And it has to do with learning.

The first one is an example of myself.

So I love to learn, as I mentioned, and I am always signing up for courses and workshops and events and online conferences. Especially since I live in Costa Rica so I don’t have a lot of access to attend in-person events (when they were happening the last 10 years!].

A lot of times I do some of the work but I don’t get all of it done.

A lot of times it sits on my virtual shelf in my computer and I just don’t get to it.

Because I’m a big “doer”. I am implementing ALL THE TIME.

But it’s a little detrimental to my business if I’m not also taking time to learn.

So, last year, I remedied that by saying I’m no longer working on Fridays. Fridays are my continuing education day, and I take a couple hours every Friday to go through different programs that I have signed up for and to learn first and then implement what I’ve learned into my business.

I’ve been able to find a balance. And it helps my clients too. Win Win!

The second type of business owner that I’ve come across quite a bit are [and, of course, no judgment], people who love learning, like myself, but they’re ALWAYS learning.

They’re always working with coaches, they’re always signing up for new programs and trainings and workshops, but they aren’t actually doing. Opposite of me who is always doing, they’re spending all of their time learning.

And that’s detrimental to your business. It’s going to slow down the growth of your business. Yes, you’ll have a lot of information, but you won’t actually be applying it and that’s a problem.

The third type of business that I’ve come across, are those that believe in manifestation, the law of attraction or the Secret [which is fine, again, no judgment].

But the problem that I’ve come across with this type of solopreneur is often times they don’t learn AND they don’t implement.

They’re spending all of their time making intentions. They’re spending all of their time meditating on what it is that they want, but they don’t actually DO.

And they’re not actually learning anything either.

They’re just spending their time, on the meditation mat or writing out over and over again 488 times [okay, I just made up that number but you get what I’m saying…], what it is that they want in their business and in their life.

Again, that’s not helpful either.

I believe in taking intentional action . . . that you set intentions – for sure – but then you also have to apply.

You have to do the work.

You have to keep learning.

You have to show up.

Because your community needs you.

So, which one of those patterns are you maybe falling into and how can you make a few little shifts –  doesn’t have to be a huge change – but how can you make a few little shifts to balance out how you’re showing up in your business?

Everything in moderation, right?

Have questions? Leave a comment below or reach out, I’d love to hear from you.⠀⠀⠀



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