Social Media Strategy and Consulting

For clients who are looking for online marketing strategy, I’m offering the following 1×1 mentoring options and small group workshops. 

This is a good fit for you if

you want to learn how to do online marketing for your business
you want your voice to be heard in the noisy online world
you’re unsure which social media channels to use
you know online marketing is important…but feel so overwhelmed by it all
you’re unsure of best practices for online marketing
you don’t know what to post (not to worry, I’ll help you figure it out!)
“Before working with Chrissy I had no idea that I needed a social media strategy. My facebook posts, and, of course, engagement, were random at best. And even once I clued in that social media strategy is a necessity for a successful marketing, I couldn’t fathom how to go about it. Lucky for me Chrissy agreed to coach me on what I needed to do! Her simple step by step instructions, ideas and suggestions made my life much easier, and my Facebook page so much more engaging! Happy customer!”
Julia Khafizov

Owner of Satori Yoga and YogAdventure

Ask Me Anything!

  • You complete a Discovery form
  • We hop on Skype for 60 minutes
  • We review your online marketing concerns
  • We develop solutions to help you succeed
  • You can email me with any questions [up to 2 weeks after our call].

60 minute Skype session – $297

Create Content with Contentment

  • 3 Hour Workshop for you and -up to- 3 of your Biz BFF’s
  • We review online marketing strategies and tools
  • You write up draft posts that I review and edit
  • You leave with a full month of social media posts

Workshop fee – $497 [per group]

3 month 1x1 Consulting

  • We’ll meet 2x per month on Skype + unlimited email
  • We’ll review your business model and create an online marketing strategy for your business
  • You’ll learn the tools of the trade
  • We’ll review each social channel and discuss time-saving tips to make your life easier
  • We’ll create posts together and tweak them for the different social channels you’re using
  • I will monitor your social channels every week to make recommendations on how to improve during our sessions

3 Month Investment – $3,000

Chrissy makes content development a breeze. During the workshop I was able to come up with a month’s worth of content in the amount of time I’d have normally spent on content for just one week.  I walked away with actionable strategies that give me structure in my social media planning, and makes the process feel a lot less intimidating. I’m so excited to see what I come up with now… everything feels so POSSIBLE.
Seryna Myers

Founder of, Founder of

Chrissy is the kind of person whom you just enjoy working with and learning from. She is patient, thorough and cares for her clients very much. Through Chrissy’s Create Content with Contentment workshop, I learned the strategy which enabled me to come up with a month’s worth of Social Media content in just 20 minutes, while covering all basis including blog post promotion, interaction, etc. What used to take me hours to do become a 20 minute task which I enjoy doing, all thanks to Chrissy! Cannot recommend her enough! If you want to learn how to create content without the dread, she’s your girl!
Carmen Tseng

Life & Business Transformation Strategist, Founder of

I started working with Chrissy at a time where I was trying to build my social media following, launch a website and write copy for a sales page for my first product…to say it was stressful is an understatement! Chrissy helped me to figure out the right social media strategy to get my audience ready for my first offering and also strategically helped me to grow my e-mail list in the process.

She reviewed my sales page and made suggestions that spoke directly to my ideal customer. My first launch was a huge success and I am very thankful to Chrissy for helping me come up with a plan of action and not get caught up in overwhelm.

Amanda Pickering

We’re in this together.

You and me and the online world!

I highly recommend Chrissy Gruninger’s Social {media} Wellness company.  We found Chrissy to be very professional (every aspect of work we asked her to do was done within the timeline and with quality).  Chrissy provided us with current, relevant, and important information for our business and was incredibly helpful in identifying the keys to improve our social media presence.  Chrissy also linked us to some other people (video, web site design) as well as provided us with some awesome photos of our location which we are using on our site and social media pages.  We appreciated the fact that her philosophy was so in line with ours. Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica with Healthy Cuisines and Spa Services 2015-08-22 12-19-36
Mary Byerly


Chrissy provided me with social media consulting in 2014-2016.  She was easy to work with, quickly responded to questions and kept me up-to-date on projects in which she assisted me.  She is well informed and provided me with a fresh perspective in online marketing, recommending specific channels to use and best practices.  She offered guidance on how to reach and engage with more people and also made suggestions on tools to make me and my team more efficient. Chrissy was passionate in supporting me and my work and checked in regularly to ensure that I was taken care of.  I would recommend her to others looking for a social media manager or consultant.