The business lesson from A Miracle on 34th Street

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Are you sensing a theme for this month? We’re talking all about the importance of the client / customer experience.

And today we’re focusing on one key aspect from the classic holiday film, A Miracle on 34th Street:

The Customer First Policy. To put people ahead of profit.

It’s that moment in the film when Santa tells the mom that a toy is out of stock at Macy’s (the department store where Santa works) and to go to Gimball’s as they had it there.

Why would you recommend someone else’s company?

Because it can actually increase customer loyalty. They are grateful that you took the time to help them, even if it doesn’t help your bottom line. And that keeps them coming back.

For many of us working in today’s world, it’s also an issue of integrity.

If I can’t help a potential client because I don’t have the proper skills or experience, I always tell them. As you know from the last post, I don’t subscribe to the Fake It Until You Make It philosophy.

I might not always have someone to refer them to like Santa did, but I will always put honesty ahead of profit.

And again, clients appreciate that honesty.

They know they can trust you, to not take advantage of them.

It helps to build bridges and make better connections.

All necessary components for creating a sustainable business that you LOVE.

Have thoughts on this philosophy? Have you ever referred someone to another business because you were unable to help them?

Leave me a comment below…


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