Done for You - Social Media Graphics Sets

Get two new social media graphics scheduled, every week for a full year, in under an hour.

Here’s how

These lifestyle and yoga graphics were created to help save you time and energy when it comes to creating content for your online marketing.

The content will help you get to know your audience better as well as enable you to share details about your practice and life.

Upon purchasing, you will receive an email to download the graphics + recommendations on how to use them.


Yoga Graphics Set

This 52-set collection of social media graphics is designed to help yoga and wellness professionals connect with their target market on Facebook and Instagram. The graphics contain engaging questions in a “fill in the blank” style. Topics covered are yoga, meditation, mindfulness and wellness. The graphics use non-copyrighted images that you can brand with your logo.


This 52-set collection of social media graphics, while still appropriate for the yoga / wellness professional, offers a more broad range of questions and engagement related to everyday life. The graphics use non-copyrighted images that you can brand with your logo.

Purchase both sets of social media graphics and save!

You can’t buy time, but you can buy ready-made social media graphics. Save hours researching and creating images to share on social media, and free up the time to work on your business (or keep all to yourself).

Your purchase is not only an investment in yourself and your business but also supports the work I’m doing and allows me to continue creating new programs to help create a more harmonious world. This product is (1) a digital program that can be downloaded to your computer and (2) a lot of love and positive energy went into creating this offering. As such, this product does have a no-refund policy.