Please Remain Standing

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Please Remain Standing

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Sharing this post to help answer the question: In the social media for my business, should I talk about what’s happening in the US (2020 Riots for Humanity)?

YES. Here’s why . . . [I share with you my own stories below]

LOTS of other businesses probably offer the same thing as you do. What makes it unique? YOU.

As a small business owner, people don’t just buy from you because of how you present the product or service but also because of who you are, what you believe in, what you stand for.

People connect with YOU and in turn, want to buy your products or services.

Here’s my story:

I have always stood up for what I believe in.

Sometimes with popular opinions, sometimes against it. Sometimes with success, sometimes without.

chrissy gruninger, protesting, standing up for what we believe in

In my teens, I protested against the closing of my high school.

In college, I protested my sorority’s rush (I won’t judge a woman’s value by how they look), refused to pay $900 in fines, then quit the sorority (we clearly weren’t a good fit).

In my 30’s, I stood outside San Quentin State Prison at midnight on a cold December night, protesting the lethal injection of Tookie Williams. When I worked for Circle of Life, I helped set up the protest in Oakland for the closing of the South Central Farm in Los Angeles. My boss at the time was at the farm and Van Jones was speaking at the Oakland event. 

Now in my 40’s, one of the many things I’m doing is to create and build community rather than support the ever-growing divide. 

My efforts haven’t always created the outcomes I would’ve liked. But that doesn’t stop me from standing up, over and over again.

Did my high school close?  Yes.

Do sororities still rush girls based on their looks?  Probably.

Does the death penalty still exist in California?  Yes. [Although Governor Newson did issue a moratorium]

Did the South Central Farm get paved over for a parking lot?  Yes.

The outcome may not always be what you hoped for.


When you stand up for what you believe in, what you know is right, you may get screwed over, reprimanded or disparaged.


When standing you are more visible. People may judge you, dismiss you, even laugh at you. They may not fully understand your choices, your actions, your beliefs. They may even be fearful of you.


As you stand, you are respecting your own values, honoring yourself, and who you are at your very core.  That, my friend, nourishes your soul.

As you stand, you may connect with new people, establishing a stronger network. These people will give you strength and encouragement. And together you can create a more concentrated impact out in the world.

As you stand you may, slowly but surely, change the minds and attitudes of others.  Your actions, your choices, will show others an alternative way to think, speak and act.  Even if you shift the perspective of just one person, you can make a huge impact.

You’ve started a ripple, that will move the next person, then the next person, until the tide turns.

As you stand, more people will be encouraged to stand up for the values they believe in. And as more people stand, change will come more quickly, gathering momentum and strength, benefiting our communities, countries and planet.

We only have this one life.

Wouldn’t you rather choose to live it being wildhearted and outspoken than tongue-tied and wrist-bound?

We live in an imperfect world, but we can still choose to thrive, to take what is broken and do our best to repair and revive it.

Every choice you make, matters.  Because change does happen.  Sometimes more slowly than we’d like, but with time and perseverance change will come.

Choose to stand. Choose to honor the whisperings of your soul. Choose to make visible the values you hold so dearly. Even when it doesn’t go the way you’d hoped. Even when people mock.

Doesn’t that sounds like a more vibrant, constructive and fulfilling way to live your ONE beautiful life?

Please, please remain standing.


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