What’s an OBM? [and do you really need one?]

Last time, I popped into your inbox and let you know about my business name change [you can read about it here, in case you missed it!]. This time, I wanted to share a bit more with you about What an OBM is andTo help you decide if you really need one [as not every...

Choosing your business name

You may have noticed something a little different around here… After nearly a decade of being “Social [media] Wellness™”, I’ve changed my business name. It wasn’t an easy decision. I have LOVED my business name since I first came up with it. You see, I got my start as...

6 Tips to Simplify Your Business

Just a quick note today to help you simplify your business [as that's my a main focus over here at SMW - to make it easier for solopreneurs to run their businesses and connect with their clients and customers!]. Use a task system [ie asana.com] to keep track of...
From Overwhelmed to Organized

From Overwhelmed to Organized

Today I’m sharing with you how to get more organized and efficient in your business, and possibly even in your life [if you're like me ?] I’m going to walk you through how to use a digital to-do system for your business. The one I use is Asana.com. [there are others...

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